Code of Student Conduct-Academic Dishonesty

Code of Student Conduct-Academic Dishonesty - Academic...

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Academic Dishonesty Academic misbehavior means any activity that tends to compromise the academic integrity of the institution or subvert the education process. All forms of academic misbehavior are prohibited at Wayne State University, as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. Students are expected to be honest and forthright in their academic studies. Students who commit or assist in committing dishonest acts are subject to downgrading and/or additional sanctions as described in the Student Code of Conduct. Faculty and students are responsible for knowing the different forms of academic dishonesty as well as for being aware of the Student Code of Conduct. It is important that each of us share the responsibility for maintaining a reputable University committed to academic excellence. Faculty should encourage academic honesty among students by including a statement in the course syllabus and by discussing issues such as cheating and plagiarism. Similarly, students should protect themselves by thoroughly
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