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DISSERTATION FINAL DEFENSE INSTRUCTIONS The Dissertation Public Lecture Presentation Defense is required of all doctoral candidates and centers upon the candidate's research and dissertation. 1. The candidate and the department prepare Part I of the Final Report form. It must be signed by all committee members, indicating approval of the content of the dissertation for a Public Lecture Presentation Defense. 2. The candidate submits the form, together with a draft of the dissertation (unless already submitted or uploaded to the UMI website) and a copy of the Public Announcement of the defense, to the Graduate School. 3. Everything must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the Public Lecture Presentation Defense. 4. The Graduate School reviews the dissertation draft for format approval; verifies the appropriateness of the Committee; prepares and attaches a Graduate Examiner’s Report Form; and returns both forms to the candidate’s department. 5. If plans for the Public Lecture Presentation
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