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Department of Computer Science Ph.D. Program Requirements DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY WITH A MAJOR IN COMPUTER SCIENCE Degree Requirements The Doctor of Philosophy degree requires ninety credits beyond the baccalaureate degree, thirty of which must be earned as dissertation credit. All course work must be completed in accordance with the academic procedures of the College and the Graduate School governing graduate scholarship and degrees. The computer science doctoral program is designed to be flexible, in order to meet the individual student's interests and to reflect the dynamic nature of the field. A student will normally take four years to complete the program, which is comprised of six major stages: 1. Advisor/Program Selection The first stage is devoted to the selection of a faculty advisor, taking course work and the production of a Plan of Work . Students are encouraged to investigate the different areas of research available by meeting various Graduate Faculty to decide on an advisor. Advisor selection should be done within the first semester of admission. Once the selection of an advisor has been made and approved, the student will then begin course work selection and outlining the Plan of Work. The approved Plan of Work must designate a primary area of research and a minor field outside of the Department. The student is encouraged, in consultation with the advisor, to define his/her primary and minor fields of interest by forming a cohesive grouping of available graduate courses. The Plan of Work must include: A total of 90 credits of course work and dissertation research credits. Of the 90 credits required, 60 credits must be taken in course work and 30 credits taken from doctoral dissertation research credits. 30 of the 60 credits in course work must be at or above the 7000 level. At least 6 of the 60 credits in course work must be in the minor area. 21 of the 7000 level credits must be in course work other than CSC7990 D irected Study. CSC6500 Theory of Languages and Automata, and CSC6580 Analysis of Algorithms must be
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PhD Requirements-web - College of Liberal Arts & Sciences...

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