WESE_hamblen - 1 An Undergraduate Embedded Systems Design...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 An Undergraduate Embedded Systems Design Course Based on a Commercial Embedded Operating System Jim Hamblen School of ECE Georgia Tech [email protected] WESE2007 October 4-5, 2007, Salzburg, Austria Embedded Systems Design Course z A jr. or sr. level undergraduate class z Designed to fit into IEEE/ACM/ABET model curricula z Versions exist for CS, EE, and CmpE majors z Prior experience of students ¾ Basic Digital Logic class (gates and registers) ¾ Programming classes (some C, C++, or Java likely) ¾ Only some have had a prior OS and Architecture class ¾ At Georgia Tech earlier classes cover microcontrollers & FPGAs with processor cores z At Georgia Tech, the course time is allocated to around 1/3 time each on hardware topics, software topics, and a final team-based design project Course Background Curriculum Outline z Introduction to Embedded Systems z Embedded Systems Hardware and Software ¾ Processors, Memory, Busses, I/O ports, Standard I/O interfaces and basics of I/O software, Interrupts, DMA, USB, Networking, eBox hardware overview z RTOS Architecture & Features ¾ OS Internal Architecture and Features, Basic APIs z Building a customized Kernel ¾ Tutorials on OS build process, C/C++ and C# development, and execution on eBox target hardware z Application Development using an OS ¾ C/C++, C# & Debug tools, common APIs, basic code examples z I/O Device Driver Development ¾ Stream Drivers & Serial port example driver code for eBox z Advanced OS Topics ¾ BSP Development, SDK, Bootloader, Hardware Debug Tools, Testing, Safe Coding Rules, IP issues What kinds of embedded systems are currently being designed? z Most new designs are using 32-bit processors z Most new designs with an OS use a commercial off-the-shelf OS ¾ Based on data from EETimes and Embedded Systems Design 2005-7 Annual Embedded Market Surveys z Would like the course to reflect current/future industrial trends Major Goals & Features of Laboratory Projects z Hardware: Use a low-cost SoC target board for laboratory projects – eBox 2300 z Software: Use a commercial Real-Time OS (RTOS) and C/C++/C# for applications – Windows CE 6.0 ¾ Target board priced near “textbook cost,” All software is free z Make course materials & labs available free to schools...
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WESE_hamblen - 1 An Undergraduate Embedded Systems Design...

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