Essay #1 Desriptive David Sny

Essay #1 Desriptive David Sny - 1 Hockey Goalies Between...

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1 Hockey Goalies: Between the Pipes David J. Sny Davenport University English 109 Tabitha Wade March 9, 2010
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2 Hockey Goalies, Pressure Between the Pipes It was a cold February afternoon in 1980, when my grandfather said “Come on boy, we’re gonna be late, your dad,s going to meet us there.” We pulled in to the arena only 5 minutes past the start of the game. As he rushed us to our seats, the usher stopped us at the top of the stairs. The game had already started, and you are not allowed to go down to your seats until play stops. The lights were brighter than the inside of a classroom, almost blinding after coming in from the snowstorm outside. As I look up to the rafters, I see banners hanging proudly, celebrating the history of the accomplishments from past years teams. Suddenly the crowd roars, as I hear my grandfather’s screams “Through it up the boards! GO!!! GO!!! GO!!!” I look down to see a player all alone, skating with the puck towards the goalie. He was moving with incredible speed, going as fast as a train. The goalie skated out toward the player, who was only 15 feet from him and moving the puck on his stick with the precision of a surgeon. The goalie was trying to stop him from scoring, trying to time his movements and reactions to the shooter. The shot sailed over the goalies shoulder, and a sound rang throughout the whole arena as the puck clanked off the post and over the glass. The crowd let out a moan of disbelief, as I asked my grandfather “How did he miss that?” My grandfather replied “The goalie did his job, took away the angle, and made him miss.” My first hockey game and I was hooked, I wanted the pressure between the pipes. That’s the day I became a true hockey fan, and set the stage for the aches and pains I feel
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Essay #1 Desriptive David Sny - 1 Hockey Goalies Between...

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