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Rules of the Day 7 - Rules of the Day 1 The popular medical...

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Rules of the Day 2-4-09 1. The popular medical diagnostic technique of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is based on the same principles as NMR , namely the flipping (i.e. resonance) of nuclear spins of protons by radio frequency irradiation when a patient is placed in a strong magnetic field . Magnetic field gradients are used to gain imaging information, and rotation of the gradient around the center of the object gives imaging in an entire plane (i.e. slice inside patient ). In an MRI image, you are looking at individual slices that when stacked make up the three-dimensional image of relative amounts of protons, especially the protons from water and fat, in the different tissues . [Memorize the preceding passage, as it will be worth 12 points on each exam this semester. I am not kidding] Click here for a handout on MRI. 2. Organometallic reagents such as organolithium reagents, Grignard reagents, and Gilman reagents are important because the are easy to prepare and they place a partial negative charge on a carbon atom.
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