Additional WASTE LAND Details

Additional WASTE LAND Details - Part of the quest of this...

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Part of the quest of this “quest poem” is a background context/parallel action: the search for the holy grail. The holy grail items, according to history or mythology, as you choose, included the cup used by Christ at the Last Supper (and which was used later to catch the blood made from the wound in Christ’s side at the crucifixion) and the spear of Longinus (used to made that wound). These items were purportedly later brought to a safe haven in Glastonbury, England, from which they were later lost or stolen. It was decided that “spiritual truth” could be re-established to the waste land that resulted from the theft or loss or these objects by a “grail searcher” (generally a knight), who would return the holy objects to their rightful place—to, according to many grail legends, the realm ruled by the Fisher King. Note that there are at least two places in TWL where a “fisher king” is mentioned or alluded to: “I was fishing in the dull canal”; and the fishing reference in the last section of the poem. The fisher king is one of the chief characters in medieval legends dealing with the quest to find the missing Holy Grail objects. The fisher king, the impotent king of many fertility myths, is the rightful custodian of the grail relics and, in
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Additional WASTE LAND Details - Part of the quest of this...

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