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Pts. on Modernism

Pts. on Modernism - E 316K Dr Berry Brief Points on...

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E 316K, Dr. Berry Brief Points on MODERNISM —Modernism is the major movement in literature, painting, music, and architecture in the first half of the twentieth century. [Various “ism” influences include: naturalism, surrealism, imagism, symbolism, Dadaism, vorticism, futurism.] — Remember Modernism’s dates by this French phrase entre les guerres , meaning ‘between the wars’ (WWI & II: 1914-18 and 1941-45, respectively). The phase of so-called “High Modernism” was the 1920s (cf. two ground-breaking, seminal works of modernism: T. S. Eliot’s epic poem The Waste Land and James Joyce’s novel Ulysses — both in the same year, 1922. —If Modernism had to be summed up by one slogan, in three words, it would be: “Make It New!” [The innovator of this “rallying cry” is fellow-poet and Modernist critic Ezra Pound, to whom The Waste Land is dedicated. Pound helped edit Eliot’s epic, as did Vivienne Haigh- Wood Eliot, Eliot’s wife, also.] Some say a more apt description of the Modernist aesthetic
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