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E 316K, Dr. Berry Lecture Outline : The Bell Jar We will concentrate on the following Bell Jar themes, observations, passages, and in lecture. Include the associations, please, in your class notes. These connections only enhance your individual, thoughtful, and thorough close reading of Plath’s novel. In-class review of recurring advertising images of the mid- to late fifties. Related major tropes in The Bell Jar : Fear and Loathing in the Atomic Age; Gender Conformity: Finding “Mr. Right,” Being “Miss Right” (or, even better, Mrs. Right); A “Thought-Tormented Century”: Getting Your Mind Right; Breeding the Perfectionist in an Imperfect World. Keeping in mind Plath’s poem “Daddy” and its in-your-face images, note what we might call the Anxiety of External Influence in TBJ . The beginning image of the last civilians executed, via the electric chair, in American during wartime (not a “hot” war, remember, but a looming, “cold” threat of annihilation to global society). There are many anxious influences: the Cold War and its threat of total annihilation (constant reminders of such by advertising and other media culture); America’s superpower and the development of the A-Bomb (Men of Math, Men of Science — cf. Whitman’s take on this one); the segregated role of women (not to mention other races, nationalities); the “biological imperative” that women must bear children if they can (and have either a husband or a doctor like Buddy—a catch compared with the Marco, the “woman-
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THE BELL JAR Outline - E 316K Dr Berry Lecture Outline The...

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