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final_spring 2010_questions

final_spring 2010_questions - Final exam for EIN 3235...

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Final exam for EIN 3235 Spring 2010 Panther ID: Name: Instruction: Solution should be submitted (1) via email to [email protected] ; please make sure that you get confirmation of receipt from the instructor. Or (2) submit hard copy in person The deadline of submission is the 2010-04-19 11:59pm (Monday) All solutions should be included in one file.(pdf file is preferable than MS Word). Please clearly state your assumptions, notation for variables, excel formula, Minitab snapshot , and show detailed steps for each problem. You will lose point if only provide the final result without sufficient analysis, even though it is correct. You can refer to any resource to solve the problem. However, copy from other students is strictly prohibited , and it will result in ZERO score. Overall points for this exam is 20, and your grade will be 100% converted to your final grade of this course. 1. (7 pts) Multiple choices (only one correct option) (1) Sample standard deviation is ( ) estimator for population standard deviation
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