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LEGAL BRIEF - went through the same situation The Holding...

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LEGAL BRIEF OF CASE ____3.4_______ Case name, citation, and court: Thompson v. Altheimer & Gray, 248 F.3d 621 (7 th Cir. 2001) Summary of key facts: Thompson filed a suit against her employer and seeking damages for racial discrimination. Leiter is a prospective juror that may be biased to this case because she is a business owner herself. Leiter states that she is constantly faced with people that want various things such as different positions and better contacts on a daily basis and she is the one that has to make those decisions. When Thompson’s lawyer asked “you believe people file lawsuits just because they don’t get what they want,” and Leiter answer was “I believe there are some people that do.” Thompson filed a motion to strike Leiter for cause. The Issue : Should the judge grant the motion and not have Leiter on the jury? Would she have a more biased opinion in this case because she is a business owner and could have possibly
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Unformatted text preview: went through the same situation? The Holding : Leiter should have the opportunity to serve as a juror on this case. She would be able to hear the facts from both sides and decide what is fair and just. Thompson should especially allow her as a juror because she has more knowledge and if it was true racial discrimination then she would not have any reason to dismiss her from the jury. Summary of your reasoning: Leiter would be able to see the case from both sides. She is a business owner and she know that people would like to take advantage of businesses if they don’t get what they want. People tend to cry discrimination if they can’t have what they want and not what they deserve. She has to constantly deal with situations like this one and if Thompson has a real case then she should not have a problem with Leiter being a juror....
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