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final exam ap 2402 - Firm/L 556W 5H(WW 2402 Final Exam...

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Unformatted text preview: Firm/L 556W 5H (WW 2402 Final Exam Review __ i..'ar_,.,:-i LllfiirfihI_‘£_'(‘_\.-Lp_’:’T,‘1',‘3,"..z',,'i;:: {fix-fill t’t’i Unit 1 I :1,“ {tut-o ;: internal unfit? 4:ch- NH; Describe RBC, normal counts and their functions. |. “to . Describe WBC, normal counts, types and their functions. smite 1C», COO {1391 {tour-{rt Iii-(”“0133 \1’3. Percentage of solids in a human blood sample '45 ”/o ' Q? * V51. Basic events in the formation of a blood clot.. Flbtvgtffi 'lU Rb" ' n . Pans of hemoglobin iii-jun;- r’ nor , g1: 9.3.1., 1.2.1,.”- (cu -.-._. {91:54:41] ._ , 2. Differences between plasma and serum Jill "0 l‘ ‘ ”r 'ifl‘l"l","t-li’"'- "i” "‘l mil ‘ il‘ii'lny'e'cn“ V7. What causes sickle-cell anemia 0.3%; . . :5 ‘1' " ’ ‘ m W3 ”I" i .. . . \/ 8. Sequence of parts that function to carry cardiac impulsesifii tic-it . l" a: L1H}? til-1'13: ll ”1 “'9'"! "Al I" ‘ ' \f 9. Sequence of parts through which blood moves in passing from lie vena cava to the lungsflgh'l" (xii. 1 um I “WU-LPN? uri'. 7 ; r VJ 11-4: mgr-timid} i‘: i_;l ain‘t"; L, 3. _-. - .. . / 0. Layers ofthe heart. ll; :‘-rw.*J"-“". 1. "fifilmHl-i 4"“ 5,..;:,:Lrvd Ill” I' 11. The normal pacemaker is. In” ,~._~,r‘-.,-._-, ' ”flaw L"- oft v/12. Functions of the spleen. i'i iicrs “furs-.1. lam-hora”; Cl.l“Cl-;lr_'l_m:':fl{c.l ran my i. -_- I~._. \/l 3. What causes pulmonary edema ' I \/l4. What causes each of the waves of the ECG \/15. Pulse points. 16. Heart abnormalities 17. Specific and non specific defense mechanisms. \/ 18. Interferon is, and what it does. Bit-Ll: ‘o U151}:- 19. Location and function of the lymph nodes v20. AIDS :l: liélPCr’asllfi _ l) - it’ll: " L'J'f'i' v” 21. Antigensfantibodies? __ V22. Low grade fever is an effective defense for short periods of time because iii-351m Ii rind ““3" r a. r‘ . r.» r) 5. tr. -.. f, t rte-(3'7 ,p‘pc: (1:31:73 '15.. Ce! if; (ll-lanai; flint, vagrant-lg.) achfl‘ “Ki-1?? "'15 Unit 11 23. Type of tissues in the different organs of the respiratory system 24. Events of expiration, and inspiration 25. Tidal volume, residual volume, vital capacity. Etc. 26. Vocal cords are located within the: {Wig ML 2?. Organ of the respiratory system and their functions 28. The chemoreceptors in the carotid and aortic bodies are sensitives to the changes in blood; Wilton ten int-um Unit III - hind-e.- mean» 29. Organs and functions of excretory system Ridden}! 9“” all fibiflffifl fiafirijimj {iEflEMlUW'lt-i 30. Parts of the renal tubule (correct sequence) pmV-‘LMU (”WNW it hit/31¢. Algal {CW-Uh»ll 31. Reahsorprion of glucose occurs primarily in: (1"11‘1”"“"lllmwlul‘H ’ 32. Infants are more likely to become dehydrated than adults becausen‘fl itu'ci’ Elfin-8% ‘W LEE mfikiiéavf, 33. Functions of the Aldosterone, ADH _ I Mm“ 34. Countercurrent mechanism functions primarily in the: (item («WV N “ml NW 6 f WWW, 35. Plasma glucose concentrations exceeds renal plasma: W glucose nut—{mlfs are in illicit? . 36. Sequence of structures through which urine flows after its formation: Oak-5511 115$}: ($2: 'lcluridii‘i, 37. By-product of amino acids catabolism in the liver is? Lit-66L LU- (WNW 38. Drinking alcohol produces diuretic effect by? 5601 him ob M) H c. ’I' Ll l ": bu ‘l’l Selma Q? Li V9. COW] 39. Percentage of water by weight in humans '45va /55LD/b Fem" “’5 - [030/0 males 40. Movement of water and electrolytes between fluid compartments is regulated by?hl5dm$vmc W831“ 41. Thirst center is located in the? hL5'(~1-“‘r‘ ‘11} 031W b5 0” $521230 42. What inhibits the desire of drinking water/ 0lele cm 014m Stomach» . 43. In a moderate enviromnent would lose the greatest amount of water by means of? M 44. Metabolic alkalosis/acidosis, Respiratory alkalosis/acidosis '0 mi, 45. Dehydration is. Matt rqpvolchd mqgr clapmanbhwomhng 57 dmlua ,tulhr . cum “0 46i Hypematremia is (97‘ caused big a Ntfilx RW/ osmbslnkcwsm W3 ' imméflutoian war levee ”6 on game! [5 9.5132045 06 am um, Var, anal cum Unit IV 47. Enzymes that help digestion so) \ mePSU“ ill/Vi) (/47, (19.3 48. Organs of the digestive system and their functions 49. Heartburn and other problems of the digestive system. if”, (145,705 50. Nutrients, vitamins, minerals, sources and functions. 51. Anorexia nervosa figlhmpnseasmmm , 52. Diuretics cause weight reduction by? increase W 0“ W5 ’9‘st Unit V 53. Organs of the reproductive system (male and female) and their functions 54. Hormones that affect the reproductive organs 9 m9€5+€rofle J 2 strafine 55. Fertilization normally occurs in the? L1 +31% 4049‘" A . . 56. If the testes fail to descend, a male is infertile because: “1'0 1’! V‘C lg PW) ”XV-'5” ml booig WMP ‘ (if?) 57. Functions and structure of the placenta BE LOW 58. Factors that seems to stimulate a newborn’s first breath inc ream Cf’u 'rJDI‘: divuldlf , «SUB rm". ll 1} 59. Foramen ovale is: Within it) a llou) blood in go dlrf’ol.“ iTLH ’ D_W__ (on, £67) 1L” LAY) ‘ m“. 60. Teratogens are substances that? malfimm—mn J ' rum rg- 0H“ W“ 1“b '3” 011mm 61. Body parts derived from ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm. 62. Amniotic fluid functions to: Look on it 5 l 63. Labor is regulated by? demaflng PIDqCSJCQWIE .Snmulcues ajn-Htfils U‘i qvvshiqlandu/fi. 4 - 7- it a ‘17. PlaceIHcL U) a vascular Qit‘LlCHBLE when by flu or Law curtain/”"4! ; ‘42 __—. [,mlSlLJD and. am upllu JilldDmHWlm- _, (if. lLLnHim ~ +0 (ll/lama 4N ambit/w 9H) Mu:- ltlflmé twill [and LD 6’74”} ,7 Mn 4M mail—{mat [1100/1 WW 4”” "6’1””! ”0 n Lift IQIH S. cw ’5 PS , W a $4.6 Dela; bl 00d. [oi {ClDMnt/l- iNCLLVJl'lalb 'géglfl (Mi—WW3) ifiiflfl) Wwda M , Blood \t‘ifll’g d i i ’ * . 0r. EMDdQ)"ll'l" l‘m'l‘l ({JQQ'JJ‘VC Wfigtlrt’lhmj unnmg lolanl as. w— WWW Mm — gomuclw 4,3912" ...
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