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ECE 320 Homework # 9 Due 4/18 Problem 1 DC motor with k = 1 : 0 V s and R : 208 V L L source. 1. Calculate the maximum, no-load speed of the motor. 2. The motor is now supplying a torque of 20 Nm , what is the maximum speed the motor can achieve? 3. For the case in part 2, calculate the total RMS and power factor on the AC 4. The machine is now connected as a generator, spinning at
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Unformatted text preview: 1500 RPM and 20 Nm of torque, what should be the delay angle on AC currents? Problem 2 A PWM inverter is fed from 300 V DC source. It supplies a three-phase load at 208 V L & L ; 60 Hz; 10 A; : 87 pf lagging: Calculate: 1. Current on the DC side 2. Amplitude Modulation Problem 3 Derive the input/output relationship of buck-boost converter. Show all steps for full credit including circuits for di±erent switch positions. 1...
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