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ECE 320 HW # 3 Due February 13 1. An ideal transformer is to be used to transform the impedance of 8 to impedance of 75 . Find the turns ration of that transformer. 2. A 120 V:240V, 60 Hz, 50 kVA transformer has a magnetizing reactance (measured from 120 terminals) of 34.6 . The 120V winding has a leakage reactance of 24.7 n ., and the 2400 V side has a leakage reactance of 11.2 . a. With a secondary side open circuited and 120V applied to the primary, calculate the primary current and secondary side voltage.
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Unformatted text preview: b. With secondary short circuited, calculate primary voltage which will result in rated current in primary winding. Also calculate the corresponding current in the secondary winding. 3. A voltage source connected to the primary of a transformer has source impedance of 50 Ω . The load connected on the secondary side of the transformer has the impedance of 10 Ω . Find turns ration such that the power transfer from the source to the load is maximum. Spring 2008...
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