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ECE 320 Homework # 1 Spring 200 8 Due: January 1 6 1. Three phase 120/208 V source is supplying 2 loads as shown in the figure below. a. Find total real and reactive power, 4 line currents as labeled on the diagram and Vab at the source. Use Van at the load as the reference. b. Find the required reactive power and value of the components i.e. L or C to make the power factor at the load 0.95 lag. 2. A three phase, Y-connected, 230Vrms (L-L), 60 Hz load draws 12 kW at full load with 0.8 leading power factor. a. Find the real, reactive and complex power rating of the load.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Draw the phasor diagram for the real, reactive and complex power. c. Find the rms value of the line current and draw the phasor diagram of the line current and the line-to-neutral voltage. d. To have unity power factor, what circuit element can be connected in parallel with the Y connected load? Calculate the value of the circuit element to achieve unity power factor. (Assume the real power doesnt change) . 3 For the circuit below find Norton and Thevenin equivalent circuits....
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