thr313-500daysofsummer - wrote last week. .. (reads from a...

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Alice Shum THTR 313 500 DAYS OF SUMMER Written by Scott Neustadter & Michael H. Weber INT OFFICE - SAME He passes Summer desk on the way in. She's no longer there. He miserably sits down at his desk, tries to work but he ends up just staring into space. INT VANCE'S OFFICE - DAY Tom has been called into the Principal's office. TOM You wanted to see me, Mr. Vance? VANCE Yes Hansen. Sit down. TOM Ok. VANCE. Has something happened to you recently? TOM What do you mean? VANCE A death in the family, someone taken ill. ..anything like that? TOM No. VANCE Look, I don't mean to pry. Does this have something to do with Summer leaving. TOM
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Alice Shum THTR 313 Who? VANCE. My assistant. 86. TOM (faking badly) Your. ..? VANCE. Tom. ..everyone knows. Nevermind. The reason I'm asking. .. lately your work performance has been. .. a little off. TOM I'm not following. VANCE For example, here's something you
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Unformatted text preview: wrote last week. .. (reads from a card on his DESK) "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. Fuck You Whore." Now. ..most shoppers on Valentine's Day ---TOM Mr. Vance. .. are you firing me? VANCE No, no, no. Relax Hansen. You're one of our most. .. adequate writers. TOM Ok. Well, I'm sorry. Things for me have been a little difficult. VANCE That's ok. I understand that. I was Alice Shum THTR 313 just thinking. .. perhaps you could channel your energy into. .. this. He hands him some sympathy cards. TOM Funerals and sympathy? VANCE Misery, sadness, loss of faith, no reasons to live. .. it's perfect for you. Whaddaya say? Good? Good. Now back to work you go. He quickly ushers him out of the office. Office of Boss 54:43-56:40 = 2min BAR and Kicking ass 44:17-47:13 = 3min...
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thr313-500daysofsummer - wrote last week. .. (reads from a...

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