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thtr 313-500daysBarPunch

thtr 313-500daysBarPunch - A lice Shum THTR 313 500 DAYS OF...

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Alice Shum THTR 313 500 DAYS OF SUMMER Written by Scott Neustadter & Michael H. Weber INT CROWDED BAR - NIGHT Summer and Tom stand by the bar. A tall, well-built, GOOD-LOOKING DOUCHEBAG GUY has suddenly appeared next to them. DOUCHE (to Summer) Yo. How's it going? SUMMER Uh, ok. DOUCHE You live around here? SUMMER Um, yeah not too far. DOUCHE Never seen you here before. SUMMER You're not too observant. DOUCHE Haha. That's funny. You’re funny. So, let me buy you a drink. SUMMER No thank you. As she answers, Summer gives a quick glance over to Tom. The Guy notices. Up to this point he had not connected the two of them together. DOUCHE You with this guy? TOM (BEAT) Hey. I'm Tom. DOUCHE Whatever. Come on, one drink. What are you drinking? SUMMER I said no thanks. DOUCHE You're serious? This guy?
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Alice Shum THTR 313 Tom is pissed. TOM Buddy -- SUMMER (to the Douche) You know what, don't be rude. I'm flattered, but not interested. So, why don’t you go back over there and leave us alone. Thanks.
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