part one - However, Sandy says she regrets paying full...

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Jordyn Rogers Intro To Business Part One Article 09/20/2010 Who wants to be a Millionaire? It is working America’s inside joke. Whether it’s your co-worker or friend you have probably recently heard someone comment on winning the lottery someday. It seems that many of us are either working a less than dream nine-to-five job, picking up extra shifts, or working more than one job, just to try to make ends meet. All of us dream of living the good life and never having to worry about finances ever again. What if you had an idea that was turned into a business and made you a millionaire? Sandy Stein did just that and is now sharing her mistakes and the smartest things she did. Sandy was a flight attendant who created a product that allows people find their lost keys. Her best spent money was on her team of lawyers that protect her product from pesky copycats.
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Unformatted text preview: However, Sandy says she regrets paying full retail for a car. Her advice is to be wise with your investments so you do not have to worry about your future and retirement. Another true tale of an overnight millionaire starts with a man named Eric M. Ruthman who invested in in a little company known as eBay and sold a company for seventy-five million dollars. His advice to others is to take eighty percent of your profit and invest it in solid growth-oriented funds with regular returns and minimal risk. Eric says you need to leave it alone and not touch the funds for any reason. He advises to only go crazy with five percent and to use only 15 percent for risky investments. He also says to live within your means and to take care of your family....
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part one - However, Sandy says she regrets paying full...

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