ABET syll - CE 420 Spring 2010

ABET syll - CE 420 Spring 2010 - Civil and Environmental...

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1 Civil and Environmental Engineering CE 420/520 Computational Methods of Structural Analysis Instructor: Dr. Yongming Liu 234 Rowley Laboratories; Tel: 268-2341 E-mail: yliu@clarkson.edu Web: people.clarkson.edu/~yliu Office Hours: TuTh 10:00 -11:00 ; and anytime when I am in the office with the door open Teaching Assistant: TBA Lecture/Lab: TuTh 8:00– 9:15 CB 178 Web access: Active Directory: S:\Classes\CEE\CE420-520 Catalog Description: The matrix stiffness method for the analysis of trusses, frames, plates, shells, and multi-component structures such as framework stiffened shells. Thermal stresses. Nonlinear effects. Prerequisites : CE 320 and MA 339 or consent of the instructor Textbook (recommended): Matrix Analysis of Structures , by Kassimali, Aslam, Brooks/Cole, 1999. ISBN-0-534-20670-0 Software: Matlab 2008 student version (recommended) Course Objectives: 1. To examine and comprehend the principles involved in structural analysis methods for the design of practical experiments. 2. To enable students to use fundamental principles of mechanics for the development and applications of structural analysis. 3. To introduce modern computational methods and software for the analysis of structures. 4. To prepare teams of students to apply the principles learned in the course to the analysis and design of structures. Topics Covered: Topic Hours Introduction of stiffness method for structural analysis 4 hours Review of linear algebra 2 hours Matrix analysis of plane trusses 8 hours Matrix analysis of beams 6 hours Matrix analysis of frames 8 hours Advanced topics 2 hours Computer programming of structural analysis 4 hours Exams (exclusive of finals) 6 hours
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ABET syll - CE 420 Spring 2010 - Civil and Environmental...

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