phil test - 1 The Bayesian theorem is the predominant...

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1. The Bayesian theorem is the predominant approach to the confirmation of conditional probabilities. Given that we let h=hypothesis and e=evidence, the Bayesian theorem can be written as, P(h/e)=P(h).P(e/h) P(e) The subjective Bayesian sees the probability as the degree/strength of belief that a person has in the truth of such a proposition. The beliefs can come in varying levels of strength and so a subjective probability function P can represent a rational individual’s beliefs. For each h that a person has a strong opinion, P(h) would measure the level of confidence in the truth of h. Conditional probabilities would represent conditional beliefs, so P(h/e) would measure the person’s confidence in h on the assumption that e is fact. 2. This quote is from Feyerabend’s Against Method. He seems to be showing his “anything goes” belief. Basically, he is saying that a scientific point of view may as well exist through matters of persuasion and by becoming more “fashionable.” Feyerabend found that “such ‘irrational’ methods of support are needed because of the ‘uneve development’ of different parts of science.” Feyerabend analyzed Galileo’s findings and discussed that Galileo had to make use of ad hoc hypothesis and alterations to the very language in which observations are made. For Feyerabend, Galileo proceeds counterinductively, and against the rational principles of scientific method. Feyerabend did not agree with the strict guidelines of any methods given by scientists and philosophers of science because he did not want the scientific process to be restricted in anyway. The fact that Feyerabend supports Galileo’s approach it shows his distaste of the
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phil test - 1 The Bayesian theorem is the predominant...

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