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psych6-3 - Chapter 6 Section 3 Chapter Daily Focus 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 6 Section 3 Chapter Daily Focus 1. Thyroxine deficiency can make 1. you sleepy you 2. Adrenaline is secreted 3. Heartbeat and breathing increase 4. Sleeplessness, hyperactivity, and 4. weight loss Chapter 6 Section 3 Chapter Guided Reading 1. Secretion of adrenaline or epinephrine 2. It’s a communication system that sends 2. messages to the brain messages 3. They release hormones directly into the 3. bloodstream bloodstream 4. growth of bodily structures affecting what 4. you do physically you Metabolic processes that influence your Metabolic energy energy Prepare the body for action during stress 5. It secretes a large number of hormones 5. which control the output of other endocrine glands glands 6. It is too little of the hormone thyroxine. It 6. can make you feel lazy and lethargic can 7. epinephrine and norepinephrine are 7. secreted giving the person the extra energy needed needed 8. Eggs along with estrogen and progesterone 9. Muscle and bone growth along with the 9. growth of male sex characteristics growth 10. A neurotransmitter is released right beside 10. the cell and a hormone is released into the blood blood 11. The nervous system developed for sending 11. rapid messages, other systems developed for slower more widespread communication slower Chapter 6 Section 3 Chapter Vocabulary Activity 1. Endocrine 2. Thyroid 3. Pituitary 3. 4. Adrenal 5. Sex 6. pituitary gland 7. Near the midbrain and hypothalamus 8. hypothalamus 9. hormone 10. Bloodstream 11. Norepinephrine ...
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