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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 15 Section 4 Chapter 15 Section 4 Guided Reading A 1. It is a major life change A 2. Learning to make decisions, developing a value system, and being responsible B 1. High and often unrealistic aspirations B 2. They lack the experience and maturity to make appropriate judgments B 3. They are no longer the big fish in a little pond B 4. People reexamine their assumptions and life style B 5. Keep your options open, abandon some goals and go in different directions C 1. Sufficient resources, financial reward, challenge, good relationships with co – workers, and comfortable working conditions C 2. Retiring and starting a new career, women entering the work force C 3. It prohibited wage and salary discrimination Chapter 15 Section 4 Chapter 15 Section 4 Vocabulary 1. Resynthesis D 3. Autonomy E 5. Career C 2. Comparable worth A 4. Developmental friendship B ...
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