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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 14 Chapter Graphic Organizer Personality Theories – Psychoanalytic – Behaviorist – Social Learning – Humanistic – Trait Psychologist Associated with Theory – Sigmund Freud – B. F. Skinner – Albert Bandura – Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers – Gordon W. Allport Key Concepts of Theories – Unconscious influences from early childhood – Rewards and punishments shape our thinking – Interaction of cognitive and personal factors, behavior and environment – Capacity for personal growth; potential for self actualization – Consistent behavior traits in various situations Chapter 14 Reading Reading 1. Risk taking and thrill seeking 2. Extreme sports, occupations in volatile industries, and drug use 3. Need for danger and risk, sense of pushing one’s boundaries, need to test our limits, and a lack of risk in everyday life 4. By science, government, lawsuits, and medical advances 5. They are risk takers ...
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