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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 14 Section 3 Chapter Daily Focus Chapter 14 Section 3 Chapter Guided Reading A 1. Because John Watson believed that the proper subject matter was observable 2. Learning Experiences and acquisition of behaviors B 1. Skinner was less concerned with understanding behavior than with predicting and controlling it 2. First find how the person behaves and then try to understand what reinforces that behavior 3. Take away the video games 4. Something that has been learned or reinforced. You change it by taking away the reinforcer C 1. By reinforcement and observation 2. Because you choose people more similar to you 3. Learning theories focus on concrete actions Chapter 14 Section 3 Chapter Vocab 1. Behaviorism 2. Personalities 4. Rewards 3. Contingencies of reinforcement 5. Punishments ...
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