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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 14 Section 2 Daily Focus Chapter 14 Section 2 Guided Reading 1. They are pushed into our unconscious and influence our future behavior 2. Infants respond to innate urges for food and water. This results in crying 3. The Superego 4. The ego 5. They relieve intolerable stress and help us through crises, but they can distort reality 6. They get pushed into the unconscious, and they show themselves in jokes, dreams, or slips of the tongue 7. Denial 8. To sublimate them, possibly into physical exercise 9. It is strong enough to handle the id and superego 10. People are able to develop their potential and handle their instinctive urges 11. To overcome the feeling of inferiority 12. When they learn to do what older people do 13. They become self centered with little regard for others 14. That if a child is raised with love and security, the child can avoid conflict Chapter 14 Section 2 Vocab 1. B 3. A 4. B 6. A 8. B 2. D 5. C 7. C 9. The id and the superego make opposite demands on the ego. The id urges superficial desires while the superego encourages proper behavior. ...
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