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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 10 Section 2 Chapter Daily Focus Chapter 10 Section 2 Chapter Guided Reading 1. Human memory is able to recognize 1. easier than recall to write easier 2. It means that we fill in the gaps 3. Eidetic memory is photographic. 3. Adults reconstruct memories Adults 4. State dependant learning helps to 4. simulate the conditions in which you learned. learned. 5. Relearning is a measure of procedural 5. memory memory 6. Not really, because some memories 6. can be recalled through hypnosis or meditation meditation 7. Because it is unpleasant or 7. embarrassing embarrassing 8. Freud stated that infant memories are 8. repressed because the contain high trauma trauma 9. Maintenance rehearsal is repetition 9. without meaning, elaborative rehearsal is more efficient and relative more 10. It can cause interference 11. mnemonic devices Chapter 10 Section 2 Chapter Vocabulary 1. Recall 2. Recognition 3. Decay 4. Schemas 5. Reconstructive Memory 6. Eidetic Memory 7. Confabulation 8. Elaborative Rehearsal 9. Interference 10. Mnemonic Device ...
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