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Personality Collage - Maximum of 100 points possible Uses...

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Personality Collage Chapter 13 Assessment Name:____________________ Directions: 1. You will need the following: Four pieces of regular blank paper, scissors, glue, glue stick, or tape, and colored pencils. You may have to share please. 2. Begin by searching the magazines provided to find pictures that describe at least 5 aspects your personality. It is your choice of pictures, and you can interpret them in any way. 3. After you have cut out the pictures, think about how wish to position them on the 4 pieces of paper. The 4 pieces of computer paper can be arranged in any style you like. The primary reason for this is to add a little of YOUR own touch to the project. 4. After you have arranged the paper and decided where to affix your pictures you must label what part of your personality this represents and briefly describe why. 5. You can add background color and pictures to help accentuate your poster. Rubric
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Unformatted text preview: Maximum of 100 points possible: ________, Uses good picture selection and the pictures relate directly to what they described about themselves _________, Arranges the pictures and paper in a unique and creative way that helps to describe their personality. _________, Uses sufficient background color and extras to help promote and describe their personality _________, Labels are complete and well written along with accurate labeling of their personality _________, Presentation is on time and complete. NO time limit is required but a degree of interest and enthusiasm is. As usual, you all know that I want to see you have fun with this activity. Do not make it hard, but if you think that what you have done is not enough, ask me and I can give you an idea. This is due on Wednesday March 31, 2010. If you are done early and would like to present early, that is also an option....
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