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Hypnosis - 6 According to some theorists participants act...

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Hypnosis, Biofeedback, and Meditation Chapter 7 Section 2 Name:____________________ 1. By allowing the hypnotist to guide them, people can become aware of ________________________ and be made unaware of _______________ 2. At all times certain _________________ and ______________ are filtered out of our awareness 3. People under hypnosis are able to focus on one small _____________________ 4. The relationship of the participant and hypnotist is one of ______________ not _________________________ 5. Anyone can refuse hypnosis by refusing to _____________________
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Unformatted text preview: 6. According to some theorists, participants act the way they do in hypnosis because they are ____________________________ 7. Biofeedback uses ________________ to tell people about subtle, moment to moment ______________________ 8. Biofeedback used without _____________ seems to help people a great deal 9. Describe/define the 3 major approaches to meditation a. Transcendental b. Mindfulness c. Breath 10. Meditation has been found to lower: a. b. c. 11. The people who benefit from meditation are those who _______________ 12....
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