According to Kopperi

According to Kopperi - According to Kopperi (2007), "As...

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According to Kopperi (2007), "As local settings are opened to the global economy, it becomes possible, and highly profitable, for a firm to take advantage of the differences between localities with regard to wages, market potential, employment standards, taxes, environmental regulations, local facilities, and human resources. This means arranging its global operations to produce products where costs are lowest, sell them where markets are more lucrative, and shift the resulting profits to where the tax rates are least burdensome." Ethical factors must be considered and understood based on local norms and cultural differences. Managers that are expatriates need to be schooled in local customs and in many countries local nationals will be part of the management team to assure cultural and ethnic factors are comfortable for the local employees. Cultural differences may create challenges across geographic and psychographics boundaries. A firm may be operating in many countries and each will have different ethics and standards of behavior. Gender differences in some cultures may make expatriate managers uncomfortable and research needs to be done prior to expansion or acquisition to provide the best reference materials for manager selection. When evaluating an organization the corporate culture, political nature and
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According to Kopperi - According to Kopperi (2007), "As...

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