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Strategic+Plan+Update+for+Kudler+Fine+Foods++Draft+II -...

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Strategic Plan Update 1 Running head: STRATEGIC PLAN UPDATE FOR KUDLER FINE FOODS : DRAFT Strategic Plan Update for Kudler Fine Foods : Draft II James B. Hemingway Jr University of Phoenix STR/581 David C. Wynne August 10, 2010
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Strategic Plan Update for Kudler Fine Foods : Draft II Aside from Del Mar, the remaining Kudler's locations, have indeed succeeded in living up to its previous mission by the continued support and patronage of our customers. Based upon this exceptional response by our customers for our products, it is our recommendation that Kudler grasps this opportunity to develop its own brand label of nutritional, homeopathic, and non-perishable products and advisory services. Not only does, this opportunity enable (KFF) to maintain being the provider of "... the finest selection...foods and wines..."(Kudler Fine Foods,2003), but also poistions the organization to modify the organizational culture to meet these objectves. The Kudler Fine Foods organization has the opportunity to not only invent an entire market based upon supplying it customers with an array of new brand-label products, but also an enourmous opportunity to redesgin the entire organizational infra-structure to ensure the accomplishment of the overall organizational mission which involves the development of new KFF brand products every other year beginning in 2003. Given this process by the end of 2008 KFF shall have grown to become a profitable organiztion with 6 profitable brand products throughout California.
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