Week 1 - ETHICS 1 Running Header ETHICS Week 1 James B...

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ETHICS 1 Running Header: ETHICS Week 1 James B. Hemingway Jr University of Phoenix STR/581 David Wynne July 12, 2010
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ETHICS 2 The role of ethics and social responsibility in developing a strategic plan are inclusive of: strategic management, the organizational mission, and the organizational strategy. In theorical practice, these components all require sometype of ethical consideration for the betterment of the organization, the shareholders, and the public perception of the organization . Prior to beginning this course, I had the presumptive position that organizations primarily did not clearly include ethical considerations while conducting their business. Following this weeks reading and discussions, my ethical perspective has evolved to encompass how organization's incorporate, and execute their perception of ethics within these vital parts of a organization's planning. As stated within the text, “Strategic management is a three-tier process involving corporate-, business-, and functional-level planners, and support personnel. At each progressively lower level, strategic activities were shown to be more specific, narrow, short term, and action oriented, with lower risks but fewer opportunities for dramatic impact.” In this instance, each tier must include some type of ethical consideration from all parties. A broad conceptual ethical plan can become more specific, for different parts of an organization, as the market environment and timing arises. Ther determination of an organization's success or failure
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Week 1 - ETHICS 1 Running Header ETHICS Week 1 James B...

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