Healthy Eating Plan - Healthy Eating Plan Rose Jone SCI/241...

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Healthy Eating Plan Rose Jone SCI/241 August 29, 2010 Carolyn Farhy
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Healthy Eating Plan A meal plan must be balanced and complete so can gain or lose weight without starving. At the same time allowing take monitoring when you achieve desired or healthy weight. A balanced meal plan is that provides each individual all accurate food needs, maintain health, and prevent the outbreak of diseases. Each person has nutritional needs specific regarding quantities according to age, sex, height, weight, daily activity that realizes, and according to their state of health. The nutrition has four fundamentals laws which are: Complete- to provide all the nutrients that require the body in sufficient quantities Balanced- a relationship specified between the carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Varied – there is a choice between the greater possible food variety Right – the quantity and quality taking account of the overwhelming according to sex, age, and so physical activity help to maintain the weight within normal ranges My current eating habits are eating everything what you want without any control. In the res days that make an analysis of it consumes took me to realized me that not everything which is correct. In quantities not measure nothing that as a single thing. It is a total lack of control in calories, nutrients, and fats consumed daily. One of which most high I got was the sodium that you can consume a less than 2300 mg and I consumption total 4456 mg twice. It must be conscientious in as we distribute food for the day. The daily food is important to distribute food in four or five meals daily in function of the pace of life because it helps ensure an appropriate contribution of nutrients. The best and balanced way to distribute is: breakfast, half morning, lunch, snack, and dinner. Breakfast - a proper breakfast provides the necessary to start the day with energies and vitality energies. It is very healthy to begin with a glass of water, a vitamin C, apportion juice or fruit citric (Orange, grapefruit, Tangerine, kiwi). Besides must contain enough carbon of slow absorption that can get bread or biscuits made with whole wheat and complete the pill with some lacteous product to ensure the contribution of proteins, carbohydrates contribute vitamins and essential for the
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Healthy Eating Plan - Healthy Eating Plan Rose Jone SCI/241...

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