10 - BLaw Freedom of speech Political fully...

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BLaw 9/9/10 Freedom of speech Political- fully protected (includes corporations - ) Commercial – lmited protection. The rule is the gov. can regulative commercial speak, but they cannot prohibit it. Most biz deal with this by violating the rule or the biz might file a lawsuit against the gov that passed the regulation stating it is unconstitutional. Equally relevant when gov. mandates you to say something, like disclaimers at the end of commercials. You can restrict or regulate it but you cant be unreasonable. o Commercial = advertising o Regulated, but not prohibited o No cigarette ads o TV: ok? Gov. says it is just a restriction, Tobacco company claimed it was a prohibition. Went to the courts and it ruled that the ban was constitutional. o Lawyer advertising bans? Unconstitutional. Obscene vs. Offensive speech o Obscene speech is not protected, offensive speech is. If they classify what you are doing as obscene they can prohibit it. Anything under the constitution, there are no absolutes. Just because it says freedom of
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10 - BLaw Freedom of speech Political fully...

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