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Intl Marketing 9/10/10 What you need to know from chapter 5 1. Business customs p.127-129 a. Cultural imperatives b. Cultural electives c. Cultural exclusives 2. Communication styles a. High/low context ex 5.2 137 b. p/m time 140 c. gender bia 142-144 3. business ethics 145-152 a. can corruption be defined b. foreign corrupt practices act (USA)
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Unformatted text preview: i. govt official ii. of value iii. bribery c. OECD (only about 30 signatory countries d. Corruption perception index 148 e. Ethical frameworks 153 i. Utilitarian ii. Rights of the aprties iii. Justive/fairness 4. Synthesis a. r/o vs i/o cultures b. exhibits 5.7 156...
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