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Psychographics – values(enduring beliefs), personality, lifestyle Global vals- Vals measure by mktrs- mean end chain analysis, inf from cult mulieu Personality- distinct behav, tendencies, qualities created by nature and nuture. How they affect cb – optimal stimulation lvl, domatism, uniquenss, self monitoring behav, frugality. Lifestyle activities, interest, opinion. Mktrs care b/c 1.new product ideas (lunch)2.market segmentation(morning chex) 3.ad dev strat(busch) Social Influences market dom vs. non differ by, reach, capacity for 2way, credibility (mktrs try to be more cred by cust testimonies, advertorials, use personel to enhance 2 way. Opinion leaders broker of info mass to indiv oprah gatekeepers have special influence product info will disseminat through mkt mkt maven influence opinion lead by targeting them, use them in mas comm., refer consumer to them. Ref Group asipirational, associative, dissociative consumer socialism- how we learn to
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