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1. Person to person buzz marketing seems like a great idea to me because it allows consumers to have a much more personal relationship with an ad whether or not they even know it. Today it seems like you are flooded with advertisements from every medium that they have become a mere blur rather than resonating with the consumer. So in this sense it is extremely effective, but efficient it may not be. Person to person buzz marketing costs much more than traditional methods, however I believe that other types of creative marketing can have the same impact for much less and a much wider audience, for example viral campaigns. If I were a manage I would be weary as to how I would use person to person buzz marketing, I think that if you have a niche market this may be the best way to personalize your product with the end user, however, if I was managing a large brand person to person marketing would be far to costly compared to my alternatives 2. An opinion leader is someone that is held in high esteem and represents the
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