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Marketing proj2 - Kasra Saidi Marketing Research...

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Kasra Saidi Marketing Research 9/30/2009 Conquistador Research Assignment Problem Definition- Will the introduction of Conquistador Beer in Oregon create demand for the product in this region, and if so, will wholesalers sell Conquistador Beer and at what price. Information Needs- It is necessary to understand whether or not consumers will buy Conquistador Beer at the premium price. Conquistador Beer has done so well in other states because of the brand loyal customers allowing for low advertising costs, it is imperative to find out if Oregon residents share these feelings. If this is not the case then consumers may not be willing to pay the premium price the beer demands. Furthermore it is necessary to know how wholesalers and retailers will interact with the selling and distribution of Conquistador Beer, will they charge a premium, will they even carry the beer? This information is needed before Larry Gomez can make his decision on whether to pursue this investment.
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