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Kasra _saidiHW - Homework #2 Attitudes Based on High...

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Homework #2 Attitudes Based on High Consumer Effort (TORA Model) Kasra Saidi You are the marketing manager of “Central West-End Pizzeria,” or CWP, that produces deep-dish Chicago Style Pizza. You have recently noticed a significant drop in the number of people eating at CWP. You want to find out if this drop in clientele is related to current consumer attitudes, and use this information to draw up a marketing plan to combat it. The Expectancy-Value model (Fishbein and Ajzen 1975) suggests consumers’ attitude towards an object (or action), o , can be represented as: Attitude o = Σ b i e i where b i is the strength of the belief that object o possesses attribute i , and e i is the evaluation of this belief. After a lot of thought you come up with four attributes that are important to your consumers: taste, calories, fat content, and price. You commission a study to build an expectancy-value model of consumers’ attitudes. The study questions, and the typical response for each question, are listed below: 1. How likely is it that a CWP pizza tastes good? Very Unlikely
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Kasra _saidiHW - Homework #2 Attitudes Based on High...

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