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MKTG 3350-001 Kasra Saidi MKTG 3350 9/15/2009 Marketing Research Brief a. Marketing Background [Problem/Opportunity] The search engine environment is dominated by a select few players; Google, which has 65% market share, and Yahoo which has 16% market share, the rest of the market is scattered with many small search engine sites (statistics as of August 2009). Given that Bing and Yahoo signed a 10-year agreement stating Yahoo will use the Bing search engine and direct Yahoo users to Bing, we can focus on how to maintain Yahoo’s market share while depleting Google’s. The issue Bing faces is whether or not users of these search engine sites are willing to switch to another website; do they have a strong brand loyalty to these particular sites and resist change no matter what else exists? Or are consumers only using these sites because they have not been exposed to feasible alternatives? If the latter is true then Bing, the newest most efficient search engine site, has a tremendous opportunity to steal market share from Google. Another opportunity for Bing is that Google relies on a select few categories (sports, finance, electronics, and fashion) to generate most of their hits, conveniently the Bing platform allows these types of searches to be far more intelligent, i.e. the categorization of results unlike Google which just sorts results by popularity. In conclusion, Bing offers a smarter, faster, and overall more superior search engine than Bing, however Google maintains its market share, we must do market research to understand why this is and diagnose a solution. Q. Do consumers use Google because of brand loyalty? Or are users using Google because of a lack of exposure to the superior alternative Bing provides? b. Business Decisions [Decision Alternatives] If either of these questions come back with positive results a promotional campaign will be used in hopes of increasing site activity. However if results indicate that users use Google because of its simplicity whilst knowing Bing does have more features then a promotional campaign will be futile. Some alternatives if data shows that a promotional campaign to be futile: Place – to gain exposure in a more cost effective way set all Internet Explorer home pages to Bing on newly purchased Microsoft computers. Word of Mouth campaign- Interact with innovators and early adopters and allow them to spread the word about Bing. Price- A more daring technique, almost a quasi penetration technique, would be to offer discounts on anything purchased through Bing, once site activity rises to a acceptable amount pull the offer in hopes users will continue to use Bing. Research Objectives [Research Question] The information needed to make the best decision is whether a promotional campaign aimed at decreasing Google’s brand loyalty will be more effective, or a promotional campaign aimed at only increasing exposure about Bing will be more effective. A) Will a promotional campaign based on breaking down Google’s brand loyalty increase
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MR proj1 - MKTG 3350-001 Kasra Saidi MKTG 3350 Marketing...

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