Case-Dr. JackPerry - To From Subject Date AhmadSalman...

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To: Ahmad Salman From: Valerie Grondin Subject:  Dr. Jack Perry, DDS Date: March 9, 2010 Issues After graduating from an Ontario university dental school, Dr. Jack Perry purchased a  dwindling practice from a nearly retired dentist in the small city of Cromwell, Ontario.  The dental practice was doing exceptionally well in terms of financial success, however  Perry noticed that his staff members did not seem to be working as hard as they could to  help   increase   billings.   Morale   among   the   staff   was   low,   and   employees   were   not  motivated to grow the business, fill cancellations, follow up on collections or cross sell  procedures. Perry tried to ignore his staff behaviour, because he never learned how to  manage people in dental school. Recommendations Upon looking over Dr. Jack Perry’s issues we recommend he hires his hygienists as  separate contractors in order to motivate his employees. The hygienists contribute the  most to the collections of the practice and therefore have the greatest impact. However,  Perry also needs to recognize his assistants and receptionists. In order to motivate them,  he should establish a specialized profit sharing program based on the percentage of hours  worked by each assistant and receptionists. Course of Actions
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Case-Dr. JackPerry - To From Subject Date AhmadSalman...

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