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MAE 20 July 20, 2010 Homework 3 Due on Wednesday (July 28), at the beginning of class 1. Give the appropriate temperature at which creep deformation becomes an important consideration for (a) Ni, (b) Cu, (c) Fe, (d) W, (e) Pb, (f) Al . (6 points) 2. How many grams of Ni must be added to 500 g of copper to produce an alloy that has a liquidus temperature of 1350 o C? What is the ratio of the number of Ni atoms to Cu atoms in this alloy? (8 points) 3. Give a reason for the use of Pb-Sn alloys for solders? (4 points) 4. Consider a Pb-Sn alloy of composition 80 wt% Sn and 20 wt % Pb. At 180 o C, determine: (a) the mass fractions of α and β . (b) the mass fractions of primary β and the eutectic microconstituents. (c) the mass fractions of eutectic β . (10 points) Refer to the Fe-C phase diagram in the textbook for the following two questions. 5. For a Fe-0.35% C alloy, determine the: (a) temperature at which austenite first begins to transform on cooling, (b) primary micro constituent that forms,
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