Drosophila Lab - Determining Gene Linkage with Drosophila...

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Determining Gene Linkage with Drosophila With the Virtual Fly Lab website, various crosses of Drosophila flies are conducted in order to see the effects of crossing over and genetic linkage between traits. In this experiment, shaven bristles and curved wings are crossed together in case 1. In case 2, black body flies and dumpy wings flies are crossed. Hannah Kim November 21, 2009 AP Biology Per 10 Mr. Paulson
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Introduction Drosophilia is a common fruit fly that is widely used in genetics because they have short life cycles, they reproduce in large numbers, and they are harmless. Mendel learned from his crosses that some offsprings have combinations of traits that do not match those of either parents. In this case, there are parental type offsprings and recombinant offsprings. The parental types match the parents' combinations of traits. On the other hand, the recombinant offsprings have new combinations. Furthermore, if most of the offspring have parental phenotypes, then the two genes are most likely on the same chromosome, since the occurence of parental types with a frequency greater than 50% indicates that the genes are linked. The rest, about 17%, are recombinants. This is the process of crossing over, which accounts for the recombination of linked genes. Hence, new combinations are formed. A linkage map is a map based on recombination frequencies. The farther apart two genes
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Drosophila Lab - Determining Gene Linkage with Drosophila...

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