Assignment. Hispanic American Diversity.ETH125

Assignment. Hispanic American Diversity.ETH125 - Hispanic...

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Hispanic American Diversity Today’s society in America consists of a melting pot of individuals with many different cultures and religious backgrounds. There are so many different cultures within each subordinate group, for example; an Asian American can encompass many different nationalities, such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and even Indian. These cultures are all very different, their languages are all different, but they are considered to be from the same subordinate group. Hispanic Americans or Latinos are also an example of a subordinate group that encompasses so many diverse cultures, races, and geographical locations. Hispanics come from all over the world from Europe, to the Caribbean, to South America, and yet they all speak the same language, or do they? I being a Spanish speaker have learned that each country not only has their own culture, but their own dialect. I plan to isolate the different Hispanic subordinate groups between Puerto Ricans, Mexican Americans, Dominican Americans, and Cuban Americans. How different is each cultures, language, political views, familial conventions, and religion and several other views. Mexican Americans are known for their rich culture, wonderful cuisine and high emigration rates to the United States. According to Mexican Americans today speak less Spanish than English, citing that 97.8% of Mexican Americans over the age of five can speak English. The national language of Mexico is Spanish. Mexican Americans have strong family ties, with strong ties to the Catholic community. Mexican Americans also have a distinctive dialect of language, in addition to description. Some Mexicans refer to themselves as, “Chicano”, in the past this word was considered to be derogatory, but more recently the term has taken on a political stance, as it related to the Cesar Chavez, Chicano Movement. Mexican Americans have links to Native American or Indian backgrounds. Mexican Americans provide strength to the American economy with their labor being in high demand, in
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Assignment. Hispanic American Diversity.ETH125 - Hispanic...

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