3.Parsing-1 - Line by Line Parsing in C Normally we read...

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Line by Line Parsing in C Normally, we read input from the keyboard and files in individual tokens that are separated by white space. scanf and fscanf basically read in successive tokens into the appropriate variables. For many situations, when you know how many tokens you are going to read and what each token represents, this suffices. The problem becomes when pieces of information have a variable number of tokens. For example, imagine a file that stores full names of people, 1 person per line: George Washington John Adams Thomas Jefferson James Madison James Monroe John Quincy Adams Andrew Jackson Martin Van Buren William Henry Harrison ... Or, departments at UCF: Art Civil and Environmental School of Nursing Mol Bio-Operations Statistics ...
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fgets function Typically, in these sorts of files, some types of white space are delimiters for tokens (tabs and newlines, usually) and other white space (spaces) are not. The standard way to process these files is to read in one line at a time, and then use a "string tokenizer" to parse out the different pieces in a line. First, let's look at the function that allows us to read in a whole line at once, fgets: char *fgets(char *restrict s , int n , FILE *restrict stream ); The first parameter represent the string into which you want to read in the line from the file. The second parameter represents the maximum number of
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3.Parsing-1 - Line by Line Parsing in C Normally we read...

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