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The Internet is a humongous network with obvious benefits and not so obvious consequences. Anything that is posted on the Internet is posted so people can see it all over the world. Often times, we do not believe the Internet to be something dangerous, but it is evident that there are various negative aspects when it comes to posting things such as blogs online. Social networks like Facebook and MySpace are meant for people to maintain contact with each other and make it easier to update the daily occurrences that are happening in people’s lives. One of the main problems with these kinds of networks, especially dating sites like eHarmony, is the stalkers and hackers that can access personal information about almost anyone. Granted, blogging is not as dangerous, so to speak, as social networks are; however, if a blogger posts a blog about some sort of topic that is found offensive or arouses someone, then it could be potentially dangerous. Even our president, Barack Obama, tells college students that
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