hw3a - fluid velocity is v x = v x ( y ) . The pressure p...

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CBE 320 September 20, 2010 Transport Phenomena Problem Session III Part A: Shell Momentum Balances 1. Simple Shear between Parallel Plates An incompressible, Newtonian fluid (constant ρ , μ ) is being sheared between two plates as illustrated in the figure below. The bottom plate is translating to the right with speed V , and the top plate is fixed. The plate width into the page is W . It is reasonable to assume that the only nonzero component of the
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Unformatted text preview: fluid velocity is v x = v x ( y ) . The pressure p does not depend on x . y h L v y x ( ) x V g a. Using a shell momentum balance, derive the steady-state velocity profile v x ( y ) = V p 1-y h P . b. Determine the volumetric flow rate (in terms of V , h , and W ). 2. Work Problem 2B.6 in BSL. 1...
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