hw3b - boundary condition,” v z =-ζ dv z dr at r = R,...

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CBE 320 September 20, 2010 Transport Phenomena Problem Session III Part B: Shell Momentum Balances 1. Work Problem 2A.2 in BSL. 2. Work Problem 2A.3 in BSL. 3. Work Problem 2B.7 in BSL. 4. Work Problem 2B.11 in BSL. 5. Flow in a Tube with Wall Slip While the no-slip boundary condition is appropriate most of the time, some time it is not (e.g., for low density gases or some high molecular weight polymers). Consider the pressure-driven flow of an incompressible, Newtonian fluid (constant ρ , μ ) in a horizontal tube (radius R , length L ). For this problem, assume that the no-slip boundary condition is no longer valid; instead, use the “slip
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Unformatted text preview: boundary condition,” v z =-ζ dv z dr at r = R, where ζ is a constant (the slip coefficient). This boundary condition should result in a non-zero velocity at the wall, as depicted in the figure below. z r p p L g L v r z ( ) a. Using a shell momentum balance and this new boundary condition, derive the steady-state veloc-ity profile, v z ( r ) . b. What are the dimensions of the coefficient ζ ? 1...
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