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Announcement-02 09-17-09

Announcement-02 09-17-09 - Math 223 Section 4...

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Math 223 - Section 4: Announcement #2 Wednesday, September 17, 2009 After returning the graded Handwritten Homework Assignment #1, I showed in class an example of a homework submitted by one of the students. This was an example of a well- prepared document in accordance with the requirements specified in the Syllabus, section on Homework Grading Policy. Starting with Handwritten Homework Assignment #2, I will use the following abbreviations to denote formal deficiencies with the commensurate number of deducted points. NS-p Not stapled () p2 . In addition to the point deduction, I will only grade the first page of an unstapled set of pages. HI-p Header incomplete, for example; missing course number p1 . IM-p Important intermediate steps missing p 1 per problem . SA-p Sloppy appearance of equations and/or text p 1 per problem . OS-p Overlapping symbols and/or text p 1 per problem . LC-p Low contrast between ink or pencil and the background paper color
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