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Announcement-03 - In order to help you track your Handwritten Homework points two additional columns are included in the D2L

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Math 223 - Section 4: Announcement #3 Wednesday, October 14, 2009 D2L NOW ACTIVE The D2L site ( has now been updated with the most current grade information. Please verify that the points you find on D2L are correct and contact Prof. Binder if you notice any errors. The categories Preliminary Exam, In-Class Exams (Exam 1, Exam 2, Exam 3, Exam 4), Homework (WebAssign, Handwritten Homework) and Special Assignment will be used in the calculation of the final grade as outlined in the Course Syllabus. The categories Preliminary Exam and In-Class Exams are updated after each exam. The category Homework (WebAssign, Handwritten Homework) will be filled in at the end of the semester, when the final number of points is available.
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Unformatted text preview: In order to help you track your Handwritten Homework points, two additional columns are included in the D2L information: "Handwritten Homework Non-Normalized" and "Current Maximum Handwritten Homework". These two columns are not linked to the final grade calculation. They contain the cumulative number of Handwritten Homework points that you currently have and the maximum number that you could have achieved. These numbers will be updated periodically. At the end of the semester, these numbers will be scaled to the maximum achievable number of 25 points. Please note that any individual adjustments may not be reflected until the end of the semester....
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