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Essay 1 resurrection I. Introduction a. Define psychoanalytic object v. regular object. i. Regular object- anything we can think about or feel 1. Object is the cause of desire ii. Psych- item needed to achieve aim 1. Changed by instincts b. Introduce writings i. Ins. And vic. 1. Object in relation to instincts ii. Noy 1. The artists connection with his art is an object 2. creativity iii. The symptom 1. Language/signifers is the problem in reaching jouissance 2. Anorexia a. Trauma b. The c. Introduce poems i. D.K. and woodspurge 1. These will help in securing the meaning of the object d. Body paragraphs i. What the object is and definitions of other terms 1. Freud’s “instincts and vicissitudes” a. What an object is b. What kind of instincts require it i. Instinctual stimulus or need c. Object is assigned to something that is not truly going to solve the problem d. Fikleness i. We change what objects we want all the time e. Sometimes we fixate f. Based on pleasure principle 2. Use symptom to use orgasm example 3. the signifier a. learning language removes ability to get to jouissance i. everything loses meaning, now just words ii. signifiers place child in certain group b. object is defined by its absence ii. Creativity artist thing 1. Noy’s essay on primary and secondary processing a. Artist i. Art is the object
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1. Is like jouissance ii. This is the creativity part iii. Because artists use primary processing to do art- they rely on drives and the need of satisfaction thru art iv. Tap into deeper meaning of objects for audience v. Disorganize and reorganize b. mirror stage i. child distinguishes objects from self ii. learns they are out of his control iii. this is because of language iv. begins to become attatched to objects 1. first sign of need of objects iii. Apollon’s “The Symptom”- engulfment by trauma 1. Define symptom a. Trying to fill void- anorexia i. Psychical reality- not truly fat 2. Anorexia as engulfment by trauma
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Essay 1 - Essay 1 resurrection I Introduction a Define...

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